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Are Signs Worth It?

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Proven to Drive Business

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 Signs are still the best way to inscribe your brand on the minds of both your current customers and potential clients alike. Did you know that 50% of all new business for start-up companies are generated by signage, and a whopping 35% of passerby wouldn’t even know that your business existed without signage? 

When people see beautifully designed and crafted signs with their company logo, it gives them a degree of authority and immediate legitimacy that cannot be touched by less effective advertising.

In fact, according to the Signage Foundation just changing and updating signage had “significant, positive impacts on sales, number of
transactions and profits. Roughly 60 percent of businesses reported
increases averaging about 10 percent.”

They also found that adding signage correlated with an increase in hiring for nearly a quarter of respondents, and in general the more signs a company has in play, the larger they tend to be.

That’s incredible isn’t it?

Signaradiocity hall signge makes you money

But it’s so expensive right? Wrong.

In reality signs are actually extremely inexpensive, given their total return of investment over time. This is because signage is unique in that it generates both new and ongoing revenue constantly, for the entire life of the sign. Instead of thinking of signage as an expense, consider that the wise investment of just one sign will provide exponential returns for years and can easily pay itself off many times over. 

According to a 2012 study by the University of San Diego, for each new or additional sign installed by a business, annual sales can be expected to increase by 4.75%. That means for a typical small business with annual sales revenues of $500,000, this translates to a $23,750 increase per additional sign.

Purchasing the right sign for your business is not only worth it, you should consider it to be an essential part of creating and sustaining growth for any business.